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Our Mission

Unity has arrived to revolutionize how people meet new friends, network, or find partners.

Gone will be the days of trying to meet people by working labouriously on your profile and having conversations that aren't going anywhere. Unity promises real connections with pre-defined matches based on artificial intelligence which uses data to link you with people who you'll actually enjoy having a conversation with & getting to know.

We want to make the experience of making new connections effortless, seamless and smooth.

For who?

Maybe you're new to the city, maybe you've picked up some new interests and want to find people who share them, maybe you haven't found people you really vibe with, perhaps you simply enjoy meeting new people or want to find a business partner or even a romantic partner!

Unity's got you covered no matter what you're looking for. We're here so that you can get to know new people from the comfort of your own home yet with the realness of a 1:1 or 3 people videocall.

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How it works ?

Fill in our Questionaire

After selecting one of our packages, you'll receive an invitation for you to fill in a questionaire.


Most questions are optional, however, the more answers our algorithm gets, the better we'll be able to match you to someone you'll like!


Your data will be used to your own advanatge rather than to sell you something ; )


Once you submit your questionaire, you'll get an email confirmation and you can sit back and relax while our matching system finds your people!

Since we want to provide the best possible matches, we'll let the matching system work for a few days (never longer than 1 week).

After your matches are found, everyone will be invited to share their calendar availability and then you'll receive an invitation for your videocalls!

Make Real Connections!

Remember to dress to impress!

Videocalls will be set to 30 mins by default but of course, you can leave as soon as you want. We'll follow up with an email to learn about your experiences.

We'll also be setting up physical events at various venues for groups of people who have similar interests and participated in our videocalls.

Look out for future invites!

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Standard Package

5 £

The standard package will include a minimum of 6 videocalls + any more videocalls you can fit in within the first month after purchase

Join our mailing list for a 50% discount when we launch! ; )

Thanks for joining

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